The Colombian Project has gained a very positive national and international reputation for our work in Colombia. We’re known for being pioneers for the places we visit, for the quality of experiences we offer travelers and for delivering on our word, time and time again. Within our team we have a wide variety of personal passions and specialist interests which have led us to delve into specialist niches with confidence, ultimately providing truly memorable experiences for our clients. With our attitudes of ‘always learning’ and ‘never perfect’, we strive to understand the exact requirements of our clients through careful listening and consultation with the aim to create a Colombian holiday of a lifetime. To break this down further, we’ve listed below some of the key elements that make us ‘different’.


Group photo in Santa Marta, El Dorado Reserve, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Group photo in Santa Marta, El Dorado Reserve, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Santa Marta White fronted Capuchin, PNN Tayrona
Santa Marta White fronted Capuchin, PNN Tayrona

We’ve always been at the vanguard of product development here in Colombia and some of the tours we’ve developed over the years have been firsts for the country, including:


A tour developed with Steppes Travel in which we brought together a number of national experts, none of whom had ever worked in tourism before, to deliver a highly insightful expert-led special-interest tour with many exclusive, behind the scenes experiences. We have been the only Colombia experience within their prestigious brochure.


We are not the only operators to offer wildlife experiences outside of birding, but we have taken it to the next level, working with some of the world’s best travel companies to deliver tours that not only offer a strong birding spine, but also offer opportunities to appreciate a wide range of other wildlife that exist in the diverse habitats included within our tours.


In Colombia’s first dedicated primate tour, working with Reef & Rainforest (UK), we gained exclusive access to national parks which were otherwise closed, facilitated visits to various NGOs and conservation projects around the country.

We always explore further and take a specialist interest deeper to push the limits of what Colombia can offer. The best thing about this work is that Colombia makes it so very easy, with such rich natural, cultural and geographical diversity from which to create new experiences.

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