Colombia – a country full of color, natural beauty, tropical warmth and endless bounty. These attributes have, throughout history, attracted humans to its shores with promises of riches and plenty. Throughout tens of thousands of years Colombia has been home to numerous peoples distributed over its rugged geography. These isolated cultures evolved and adapted to their unique surroundings, in some cases thriving and leaving an indelible mark.

Thankfully, some of the relics of these ancient societies have survived, leaving us in awe of their advanced methods of gold work, for example, and their skilled craftsmanship, including some methods which are still to be replicated by modern artisans. The Colombian Project has pioneered Colombia’s only historical and archaeological tour in one of the continent’s most historically important yet least studied countries. We’ve gathered some of the country’s top experts in their respective fields of anthropology, colonial history, archaeology, sociology and archaeobotany, all working together to give an unprecedented, cross-disciplinary insight into their chosen topics, whether it be the statues of San Agustin, the mysterious, captivating rock art of the Amazon basin, the ancient Tayrona or Spanish Colonial Cartagena.

Our experts are conducting ongoing studies which, excitingly, you have the chance to inquire into. During your visit, Colombia’s historically rich and diverse story will start to emerge, as we explore both its pre-Hispanic and Spanish colonial history across the country, in various settings, from the humid forests of the Amazon, to the temperate forests and mountains of the Andes, to the dry tropical forests of the Caribbean coast. For well-read and inquisitive travelers, Colombia is an historical and anthropological paradise which will leave you yearning for more.

Spanish colonial town – Villa De Leyva, Boyaca
Spanish colonial town – Villa De Leyva, Boyaca

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This is the only tour of its kind in Colombia, brought to you exclusively by The Colombian Project


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