Colombia, with its three immense Andean mountain ranges, vast inter-Andean valleys and endless slopes and foothills, makes it one of the world’s most exciting, new destinations for trekking and walking. No matter what your level or experience there is a walk or trek for you, providing an opportunity to behold some of Colombia’s most beautiful mountain landscapes that are just waiting to be explored. Over the past ten years we’ve pioneered and developed spectacular mountain routes, while implementing the high standards of service, comfort, safety and trip planning that The Colombian Project is known for.

We have a range of mid-to-high altitude mountain walks with cozy guesthouses, traditional farmhouses and hotels waiting for you at the end of each day, or multi-day camping treks and expeditions that will test your legs to the full – it all depends on your time, interest, and stamina.

During our treks you’ll hike winding paths along valley slopes, cross jungle rivers and bathe in spectacular waterfalls and private hot-springs, climb thousands of meters up through cloud forest to remote plateaus, home to teeming wildlife and biodiversity to emerge onto a magical, high-altitude landscape almost entirely unique to Colombia: the páramo. An otherworldly, mystical highland ecosystem of volcanoes, clouds, lakes and incredible ‘frailejones’ plants, the páramo crowns the highest reaches of the tropical Andes in Colombia.

English-speaking, local mountain guides accompany our trips which include the chance to spend time with local communities and get an insight into traditional mountain life in the Colombian high-Andes.

River otun canyon & descent
River otun canyon & descent

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We’ve been trekking in the mountains of Colombia for many years and have painstakingly developed many excellent, tried and tested routes


Stunning remote landscapes that are well off the beaten track


Low / Middle / High mountain treks are all possible


Our clients only have to worry about carrying their daypacks, nothing else


Our equipment ensures a very comfortable experience throughout


Become part of local life high up in the Colombian Andes