Travel in Colombia has improved greatly due to significant government investment in road and air travel infrastructure.

While many internal flights still connect through Bogota which can lengthen journey times, each month there are more and more direct flights between major cities and destinations such as Medellin, Cartagena, and Cali. More low-cost carriers are entering the market which will hopefully inject some much needed competition over the next few years.

Generally, flights are punctual with a wide range of flight times and good service. More remote locations are served by experienced airlines such as Satena which, although operate a restricted baggage allowance policy, do provide high-quality and reliable services.

Photo Colonial arquitecture, Cartagena
Colonial arquitecture, Cartagena
Photo Castillo de San Felipe, Cartagena
Castillo de San Felipe, Cartagena

Road connections are very good to excellent between major cities and regions thanks to the construction of new 4G highways, with most secondary and tertiary (unpaved) roads in good condition. While there are certainly some unpaved, bumpy roads in parts, a good 4×4 network ensures travel to even very remote jungle or mountain lodges is never too difficult.

Hotel infrastructure is growing and there are more high-quality hotels opening up all the time. Generally in major cities there is a hotel for every type of client with the star-level understandably lowering the more remote you go. That said, even in the most remote locations we have sourced clean, comfortable and unique accommodations for our clients.

Photo Castillo de San Felipe, Cartagena