Exploring and observing nature is where some of our most memorable moments take place during any trip. Colombia is the second most diverse country on Earth. The numbers speak for themselves: first in the world for bird and orchid species; second for plants, amphibians, butterflies and freshwater fish; third for reptiles and palms, and fourth for mammals. Colombia’s megadiversity in terms of flora and fauna is the result of a unique, varied and extreme geography that has created every climatic zone and habitat imaginable for animals and plants to flourish, in habitats many of which are in their pristine state. With various regions of endemism, such as the Magdalena Valley and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, are home to rare and endemic species which can only be found here. This is especially true of birds, orchids, palms, primates, and amphibians amongst many other animal and plant groups.

Colombia’s stunning national park and protected area system is among the most extensive in the world and it’s where we spend most of our time. Working closely with biologists and other nature specialists, we have been able to gain special access to the best sites – some of which are not open to the standard traveler – to see the most interesting and rare species. From birds to reptiles, frogs to mammals, from orchids to butterflies, we cover it all.

Our tours can range from daytime safaris in the Llanos (Eastern Orinoco Plains), searching for the legendary Giant Anteater, or a night-time trek through the Amazonian jungle to seek out nocturnal animals and insects, or birdwatching high up on the highest coastal mountain range in the world, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, consideredthe planet’s most irreplaceable concentration of biodiversity.

Observation tower, Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta
Observation tower, Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta

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We know the top sites for the best wildlife watching opportunities in Colombia


Flat forest paths, boat and jeep safaris, nocturnal walks and day-time jungle treks are just some of the ways in which we explore and observe nature


As avid photographers ourselves, we love nothing better than to capture nature’s beauty using professional equipment. Many of our photography tour leaders are among the best nature photographers in the country


We are proud to be working with scientific conferences in Colombia, delivering flora and fauna tours for scientists which has resulted in the discovery of species new to science!


With our network of scientists and nature enthusiasts we continue to develop new wildlife watching opportunities around Colombia