In Colombia, cycling is more than a low-cost means of transportation; it’s a passion. Every day, many Colombians ride their bikes to work in the countryside, crossing long mountain passes in the highlands of the Andes, riding heavy old iron bikes, with ponchos and rubber boots. This is perhaps why Colombia is home to many of the strongest uphill cyclists in the world – the so-called ‘escarabajos’ or beetles. High altitude mountainous terrain and a passion for two wheels has been a perfect recipe for cyclists.

So, yes, cycling in Colombia means a lot of hills! But it also means unimaginable landscapes and views, and unforgettable people. Traveling across Colombia on a bicycle will allow you to stop in towns untouched by tourism where life has remained unchanged for generations. Villages of humble, hard-working ‘campesinos’, regional flavors, traditional music and customs. Whether you join an MTB or a road cycling tour, you’ll harvest a range of images and memories that will stay in your mind for a long, long time.

Crossing Colombia on a bicycle will take you to a lot of different regions. Depending on your route, you’ll cycle up to the high-altitude Cundiboyacense plateau, where Bogotá sits, to the coffee region, down to the flat valley of the Valle del Cauca, to the mountains of Antioquia or the north coast. You’ll have to cross challenging obstacles such as the legendary mountain pass of Letras -the longest climb in the world at 80km/50miles- a physical but mostly mental test. During the ride, however, you’ll learn about coffee and traditional sugarcane production. You’ll visit our national parks and the most iconic cities in the country. Cycling in Colombia is one of the most wide-ranging adventures, cycling into the heart of both Colombia’s traditional countryside and it’s most exciting cities.

MTB for all levels
MTB for all levels

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Our team is made up of cyclists themselves who understand the passion and beauty of being in the saddle.


Your cycling guide and support team will be your new buddies as you explore the various terrains of Colombia.


Years of riding and dedicated training has enabled us to develop and experience the best and most iconic routes that pass through some of Colombia’s most stunning landscapes.


Your cycling tour will be supported on the road by a professional team used to catering for the experienced international cyclist. Refuel stops will flow smoothly during the day leaving you to focus on your riding, nothing more.


Like you, we prefer to be sat in the saddle, not in the back of a bus, hence why our carefully designed routes minimize the use of shuttles and transfers.


Your safety is of paramount importance and something that we don’t take for granted on Colombia’s roads. Ahead and behind we’ll be keeping watch over you to make sure that you can enjoy your ride and the stunning scenery that flies by.

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